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IVT roof seal with system guarantee

The roof forms the boundary between extremely different air masses: On the exterior it must prevent the penetration of heat, cold and moisture, while at the same time also allowing the moisture that has penetrated from the use of the space to escape from the inside. You will find that IVT has a perfectly coordinated roof sealing system to cater for this continuous process of exchange, consisting of

  1. Nail sealing tapes (WG 021.7 – 021.7.2)
  2. Underlayer courses (WG 022.0 – 022.9))
  3. Vapour and wind barriers (WG 023.0 – 023.1)
  4. Adhesive and repair tapes (WG 055.3, 055.5 – 055.7)
  5. Adhesives and sealing compounds (WG 060.2)

Why should nail sealing tape always be used? 
If nail sealing tape is not used, moisture will penetrate at the fastening points on the laths through the bottom board course in the timber construction. Using nail sealing tape means that the nail point is enclosed and any irregularities can be evened out. Moisture is prevented from penetrating under the laths (screw, nail and staple points) This protects the bottom board coarse and shuttering from water.

Wind-proof and air-tight
Installation without nail sealing tape
Installation with nail sealing tape