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801.0 Gala-Quick - the quick & clean sealing tape

Application:Sealing tape for gardening and landscaping, especially for bed borders, raised beds, terrace fixings, stelae or palisades.
Material:Pure aluminum 70 μ, painted; pad foil with butyl rubber
Roll length:10 m
Material class:B2, normal flammability
Art. no. Colour Width mm Box Roll
G8010101 concrete grey 100 4
G8010102 anthracite 100 4
Product benefits:
  • Enormous saving of working time, as it can be processed quickly without tools
  • Handy roll format - simply unroll, stick on and cut
  • Time-saving, because of no interruption of work / curing times
  • Bitumen-free and environmentally friendly
  • High-quality pure aluminum sealing tape, universally applicable on almost all surfaces
  • Waterproof and temperature resistant, no cracks
  • High adhesive strength, high tear resistance
  • Processing safety, good long-term behavior
  • Can be processed cleanly, precise cutting with conventional scissors Prevents penetration of soil, roots, water, etc.
  • Increases the stability of the construction
  • Permanently beautiful appearance, invisible from the visible side
  • Good price-performance ratio
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Laying instructions
Processing Instructions:
  • Please ensure to use product only on dry and clean surfaces, that are free of grease, oil, dust and dirt particles.
  • Porous or previously cleaned surfaces require a primer, e.g. special Primer (WG 062.1)
Technical data:
Material: Pure aluminium 70 μ , coated; pad foil with butyl rubber
Features: resistant to aging, weathering, UV-exposure and durable
colours: concrete grey or anthracite
dimension: 100 mm
Roll length: 10 m
Total material thickness: 1 mm according to DIN 1849-1
Building material class: B2, normal flammability DIN 4102
Application temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C
Temperature resistance: -40 °C to +100 °C

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Product image
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Product image
Permanently beautiful appearance, invisible from the visible side.
Detailed view
Application: The trusses were placed on the side of the pavement as a border to the bed and designed with soil, bark mulch and plants. The inside of the trusses were closed with Gala-Quick up to the edge of the bed. This prevents rainwater, soil etc. from soiling the pavement and roots or weeds from growing through the gaps. The appearance is always clean and neat.
Application Example
Anwendung Hochbeet: Befüllt mit Steinen und Erde – die Traversen wurden von der Innenseite mit Gala-Quick verschlossen
Application Example
Easy and safe fixation with the IVT pressure roller
Application Example
Up to now, bitumen levelling compounds have been used for this purpose, which have many disadvantages: Cumbersome processing, dirty tools, high time expenditure and annoying work interruptions. Due to the required drying time of the bitumen compound, the work can only be continued after approx. 1 day. The bitumen buckets must be disposed of as hazardous waste. A further disadvantage: Over time, bitumen forms hairline cracks due to temperature changes and environmental influences. The construction becomes leaky, the
Stability reduced. Unsightly bitumen joints are not a jewel.
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scope of supply
Today Gala-Quick quickly produces results worth seeing. Gala-Quick offers everything you need cleanly on a roll. In just a few easy steps, the self-adhesive, environmentally friendly aluminium sealing tape seals the joints between building elements that are standing together. Angle brackets, columns, traverses, L-stones, etc. are immediately sealed securely and permanently. Earth, gravel and sand remain in the bed and the joints remain clean. The appearance of the front sides is convincing due to their flawless aesthetics, but the back sides are also impressive.
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scope of supply
scope of supply
scope of supply